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Karen Gillan for Scotland on Sunday’s Spectrum Magazine (07/26/14)

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If Harry Potter movies were titled by the clothes he wear…



-Harry Potter and My Hogwarts Uniform.


-Harry Potter and I defeated the Basilisk with my Hogwarts Uniformimage

-Harry Potter and I met my godfather with a blue shirtimage

-Harry Potter and The red shirt I wear all the movieimage

-Harry Potter and I wear that blue shirt againimage

-Harry Potter and I wear that blue shirt againimage

-Harry Potter and I changed the blue shirt for the red oneimage

-Harry potter and I will confront my fate with my old blue shirt.image


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the king who lost the north

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Sam Winchester’s Journal - Entry #66

“There will be killing till the score is paid.”
Homer, The Odyssey



Girl, an ongoing series 
by Lora Mathis 

I’m a guy and I’m reblogging this because I am sorry. 

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